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The 2017 NAMUCA Conference will be hosted by the Kentucky Horse Park Mounted Police & the Lexington, KY Mounted Police, this conference offers three days of presentations, demonstrations, and tours designed to share experiences, information, and best practices to professional mounted police units.

*Note: The NAMUCA Conference is only open to sworn Law Enforcement Personnel.

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8 thoughts on “Home

  1. To Whom It May Concern:

    I am currently a police officer in Kentucky and I am trying to do some research regarding Mounted Police trends that have emerged recently. I understand that it is common for new practices, ideas, methods, etc. to be developed and used in more of the western United States prior to coming east. I am looking for input from departments from different regions on what their tasks, purpose, and mission for their mounted units are becoming due to the change in policing in the recent years. If you have any resources or contacts I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Hi Jean,
      The conference location changed recently. It will be held on April 7-9 at the Lexington Horse Park in Lexington, KY. A flyer should be available in the near future.

  2. I was wondering if NAMUCA can help me push a question out to the membership???

    I would like to know if any unit uses any equine specific software to manage their horse records, if so which ones???

    1. Hi Terri,
      You do not have to be members of NAMUCA to attend. Cost for the conference usually includes some kind of membership. The only stipulation is you have to be a sworn law enforcement officer. Hope that helps!

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